How to Keep Calm in Stressful Situations by Using the emWave2


Keeping calm under pressure is not easy. However, it is essential in today’s stressful world. By being calm, one is able to find solutions to problems even under the most demanding situations. Even the military recognizes this.

It has spent millions researching how to create a soldier at peace with himself or herself in a war zone. While normal living has fewer perils than war zones, the stress in some instances is comparable. Being able to handle oneself in such a situation is essential to being able to achieve better results in life.

Using the emWave2

This device works by monitoring the biofeedback and giving it results based on certain calculations. Many cultures have known about the mind-body connection for many years. In addition, the HeartMath Company has made calculations from about two decades of data. Their findings have been published in some leading scientific journals around the world. All data supports the fact that the heart and the mind have an undeniable relationship. As a result, being to control the heart is a back door to controlling the mind. This puts the person in control and they are able to go about their day with confidence.

Using the emWave2 to Keep Calm in Stressful Situations

In the US, heart disease accounts for the most amounts of death per year. This in part can be blamed on the stressful lifestyles that most people lead. The heart operates by the stimulation of the vagal tone. As a result, by routinely tapping into the vagus nerve, one is able to have a more relaxed heart rate even when they are not practicing with the emWave2. Consequently, even when faced with stressful situations, the body does not overreact. When the heart is calm, the mind will also generally be calm.

In this way, one can take on almost any situation and stay smiling. However, it is important to note the only way to achieve results is practice. Without this, the purchase of the emWave2 will be a waste of money. Individuals should be willing to give up at least twenty minutes of their day to grow their stress resistance. Being able to handle stressful situations calmly has many advantages. For instance, one is able to think clearly and find solutions that they would otherwise not have seen. The device serves as a useful reminder that one is about to lose their calm with its indicators. As a result, one is able to catch themselves and avoid the situation or try to control their stress level. In essence, the emWave2 device is a way to hack the mind.


The emWave2 is a great gizmo for doing a mind hack. However, this is not an easy process and no one will succeed in his or her fast try. With regular practice, the amount of control one maintains under pressure can be amazing. This can have awesome results even in one’s professional career. This device can help one gain more confidence when anticipating stressful situations.

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