My HeartMath EMWave2 Review: Heart Rate Variability Monitor


Hey there, my name’s Carlos and I’ve been using this personal stress relief device for over a year now. Here in my emWave2 review, I’ll be talking about the product itself, what it can do for you, how I’ve gotten the most out of my training, as well as the schedule I think fits best for most people.

Overall, I truly believe that this little gadget has the potential to revolutionize the way you process and deal with your emotions. I say potentially because it’s not going to do it for you. You have to put in the effort, time, and research to make it happen, as you train over time. But, I can promise you: it’s easier than you think.

I’ll simplify my ratings and beliefs right below this paragraph, so if you’re in a hurry, feel free to start there. You’ve probably been looking into purchasing this HeartMath product for some time now, so I want to help you make the decision more easily, so you can buy with absolute confidence today:

emWave2 – HRV Feedback & Training Device



Price: $199.00 + Free Shipping w/Amazon Prime
– Helps You Transform Stress & Anxiety
– Increase Overall Energy & Vitality
– Greatly Improve Mental Clarity
– Boost Productivity & Performance
– Colors: Silver Blue & Charcoal Gray

I highly suggest everyone try this product. It’s made a life changing difference when it comes to my ability to control my anxiety, get rid of stress and things that are bothering my peace of mind, and it’s also allowed me to live much more fully in the present moment (which is priceless).

If you’re into meditation, you’ll thoroughly enjoy utilizing each and every training session. And even if you’re not into meditation, this device will help you process each factor in the equation, to help you understand how to achieve mind body balance through heart coherence.

More About the emWave2 Device by the HeartMath Institute

I first learned about this amazing, stress relieving product through Dave Asprey’s blog, For an incredibly long time, I had had major anxiety in almost all speaking situations. When I was a kid, I developed a speech impediment (stuttering) that had stuck with me until I began using the device. Now, my speech is nearly fluent, mostly because I have my emotions under control, and I no longer experience the flight or fight response that I used to.

So, as you can imagine, I’m a raving fan of the thing, and have had many friends and family members pick up the device. Most of them have urged me to put all of the research I’ve done, and the opinions I have, in one place for easy access. Thanks for being a part of that here.

The actual device is about the size of your palm, rectangular shape, with one main sensor towards the middle. There’s a light on top that starts out on red (low coherence), goes to blue (medium), and finally to green (when you’re in high heart coherence). Institute of HeartMath Research Director Dr. Rollin McCraty puts it best when he says “coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation,” says.

Learning More About Training Heart & Mind Coherence

Now, there’s a bunch of other science you could look up on how it works and why, but, most importantly, I want to explain how it makes you feel and what’s all included in the process. There are a variety of ways to achieve coherence that have been developed, but my favorite is the quick coherence technique®. It’s simple to learn, easy to use, and utilizes some key components for emotional success:

First, you start by focusing on the area around your heart, near the center of your chest. This brings your awareness in your body, and allows you to focus in on the process.

Second, begin heart breathing, which is a deep but comfortable breath that you picturing coming in through your heart, and back out of your heart. You can feel free to use your imagination, but it’s important to focus and visualize at the same time.

Finally, as your focusing on your heart center, and hearth breathing, activate a positive emotion in the moment. I personally love using a three count of thank you, thank you, thank you, that I repeat inside of my mind. This activates gratitude within me, and makes it easy for me to appreciate the present moment.

Putting the Two Together for the Right Training Purposes

So now that I’ve explained and reviewed the emWave2, as well as the quick coherence technique, let’s go into how you’re going to be receiving these stress relieving and anxiety reducing benefits. By combining this process, you’ll use the actual device to help keep yourself in this new, positive state.

When in this new mode, you’ll be building up a resilience and tolerance to stress that you have to feel to believe. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been using this product for over a year now, and I’m currently on level two (there are four levels total). I’d never dreamed of the control I now have over my emotions. It’s absolutely phenomenal, and something you have to experience to believe.

What You Need to Do Now to Start Your Own Heart Journey

Another thing that I love about the emWave2 product is that they give you everything you need and more when it comes to getting started, but they actually keep the process pretty simple. They have a whole library of videos to get you familiar with your device, as well as full support for you to ask questions.

This is why I highly recommend you go ahead and buy this product today. It’s been a hugely important piece to the overall puzzle for me, and I know it can be for you, too. However, you’re going to have to make the investment in yourself and know that it’s going to take some time to get used to.

Heck, even if it takes a year to get in control of your emotions and become happier, isn’t that priceless? I’ll tell you a secret as well: the results come so quickly, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. When you first start your journey, be kind to yourself and give yourself self-love for starting on this journey.

I know it’s going to be so beneficial to you, I wish you the best of luck, and please let me know if you have any questions I can answer for you. I can’t wait to hear how the emWave2 device has changed your life. Please check back in on this review and tell me when it has, I always feel so blessed when I know I’ve helped someone with something as personal as their emotions.

Learning to Deal with Anxiety with the Help of the emWave2 Device

It is not uncommon for someone to experience instances of uncertainty. For example, the need for a promotion may lead to moments of anxiety. It can also be due to some financial bottlenecks one is experiencing. However, for some people, these feelings never go away. Instead, they become overwhelmed by gripping fear for no practical reason. This fear may at times drive them to take injurious and self-defeating actions.

The Theory Behind the emWave2

The most common symptom of anxiety is an increased heart rate. Studies have proven that activity in the mind tends to affect the autonomic nervous system and the heart. As a result, if one of them is acting out, then there is likelihood the others are unsettled. Researchers have proven that human beings can actively control this feeling of anxiety. This can be done through a series of activities that help the body attain a state of coherence (which biofeedback can help you train over time).

Most people tend to be mistake coherence with being calm. This is not true. For instance, one may at times be caught up in an argument with irrational people but decides to keep calm. Despite this, they may be tearing up inside and it will usually require them to use a lot of mental energy not to act out. In most cases, this usually leaves one feeling drained and unable to participate in other activities during the day.

The only way for one to be able to get back on their feet is through coherence. The state of coherence is a state in which the body is able to make optimal use of angry. In this state, the mind and body are working at their highest efficiency possible.

How Does emWave2 Work?

So, first off, does it work? Yes, the emWave2 works by monitoring heart rates. When the body is not in a state of coherence, the device has indicators that are easy to interpret. At the first sign of anxiety building up, the person receives a notification. They can then begin to practice some exercises that will help the body achieve a state of coherence. This is done through some scientifically designed games that are quite useful in achieving coherence.

In addition, the emWave2 has a team available that can be reached through a phone call. These people are professionally trained on how to help one regain coherence. After a brief explanation of the situation, they give useful tips to help achieve coherence. In addition to helping one achieve coherence, the device comes with a software that can be used to monitor coherence. This is done through feeding data collected throughout the day into a computer program. This helps one to assess their progress throughout the day. Sometimes, one may be surprised to find anxiety peaking during seemingly harmless activities. This may include watching certain films or being around certain people. By avoiding this people or activities, one may drastically cut down anxiety.

This device is quite useful in helping one reduce the amount of anxiety in their life. Thus, one can better carry out activities during the day. However, the coherence exercises may not very well in crowded places. Over time, one is able to build up resistance, which reduces the incidences of anxiety. Buying a new device is highly recommended, rather than picking up a used one on a website like eBay.

Can the emWave2 Help Me Get Rid of My Stress

Small amounts of stress are essential for the normal functioning of a person. For instance, when learning a new language, one needs to push their brain to some stressful level that allows it to break from its comfort zone. However, stress has become a chronic illness. This type of stress is unhealthy and leads to reduced performance at the workplace. It is possible to get this situation under control using the emWAve2.

The Science Behind the emWave2

The mind, heart and nervous system are all connected. As a result, when one is experience stress in the mind, it affects other aspects of their life. For instance, one may notice reduced accuracy if they are a sportsman. In addition, one may notice that they easily fall prey to infections such as the common cold. This device is based on the science that an increase in stress affects heart rate variability. When the mind is stressed, it will release a chemical into the body that affect heart rate variability.

A stressed out person usually has a very low variability. This means the difference between one heartbeat and the next is constant. A healthy person, without stress, should have some variability in their heartbeats. The device has a number of indicators that show when the person in a state of low coherence.

How to Reduce Stress

By using this device, one is essentially hacking their mind. Ordinarily, a normal person depends on the external sensors to tell them how to react. In this way, if one is working in an uncomfortable area, they experience stress. However, this does not have to be the case. In most cases, people become so stressed so often that they do not realise they are stressed. The device serves an early warning exercise that allows one to cope with the onset of stress. If the stress goes untreated for too long, it may lead to other complications such as depression. The device comes with a software that one installs on their laptop.

Once the software is installed, one can monitor data recorded during the day. This will help one to identify instances when they were not in a state of coherence. One can then use their memory and recall what they were doing at the time. In future, one may avoid triggers that cause the stress and thus, lead a healthier lifestyle. This device could not have come at a better time. Right now, the world is experiencing a stress crisis. It at times leads to injuries and accidents on the roads. This is because too much stress tends to reduce a person’s focus and concentration.

The emWave2 device does exactly what it says. Moreover, it is very cheap. This is especially so when compared to some other devices in the market. The science behind its working is solid and reliable. People who feel they have too much stress in their lives should definitely consider purchasing this device. It is definitely money well spent.

How Often Should I Use My emWave2?

The emWave2 is an effective way to achieve coherence. This can help one to make amazing leaps in personal growth. The device helps individuals to attain a state of balance between their mind, the heart and the autonomic nervous system. The theory behind how this device works is backed up by hard scientific facts. However, one will need to use the device over a period if they want consistent results. This allows the body to build up resistance, making one, even more, productive.

How emWave2 Works

The device is fitted with a sensor for detecting heart rate variability. It has a series of three indicators. The green indicator lights up when one achieves coherence. The red light goes off if one in a state of low coherence. A blue button indicates the intermediary state. It is recommended for one to first strive for the blue light indicator state. This is achieved through a series of exercises that will help the body re-energize and reorganize itself.

The exercises include such things as breathing exercises. In addition, there are a few games that one can play, which are designed to return the body to coherence. In short, the emWave2 is a backdoor to getting into the mind. It allows one to control how they want their mind to behave. The device itself is relatively inexpensive compared to other coherence devices in the market. It is also relatively easy to grasp the concept behind the device.

When to Use It

There are some periods during which, one would derive the most benefit from the device. The best time to use it would be just before something important. For instance, just before an important trade negotiation. This will help the individual negotiate better at the discussion table. In addition, one can make more innovative contributions. Another time to use it would be right before bed. In this way, the body can unwind better for the next day. The other period is just after waking up.

In addition, one should use the device after they are through with lunch. This will assist the body function better in the afternoon. In the mid afternoon period, one should use the device once more. The stressful nature of the afternoon will mean one is operating at reduced capacity as the day wears on. Immediately after arriving home would be a great time to use the device. The journey back home can be stressful and one needs to be in a state of coherence to be ready for the next day.

During the day, one should utilize some skills that will assist them to achieve coherence faster. These skills come as part of the manual and are written in a language that is easy to understand.

The emWave2 device can have tremendous benefits for the body if used correctly. Typically, a session will last about fifteen minutes. One should plan carefully and try to find a quiet spot to practice. Beginners might have a hard time achieving coherence in crowded areas.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy an emWave2 Today

For years, people have been drugged up on heavy medications that usually has detrimental effects on the body. For a long time, it was taught that the body tries to maintain a single state. However, it has now been proven this is untrue. Instead, the body is constantly seeking to make subtle changes to achieve optimal results.

The device works by allowing one to hack into their own mind. In this way, they can control how the various processes in the body take place. The device detects when the body is not in coherence. As a result, one is given a series of exercises to complete. These activities usually help the body to get back to a state of coherence.

The exercises themselves are very short and usually take only about five to fifteen minutes. By doing so, one only has to make simple sacrifices in their day for something that has tremendous benefits. This device is important especially for people who may not have enough time to engage in yoga exercises at the workplace.

Three Reasons to Use emWave2

There are a number of reasons one should use this device. However, three mainly stand out. These are the major benefits, which one derives from using this device.

It Leads to Better Health

By achieving a state of coherence, the body’s immune system is boosted. When one begins to practice with this device, they will notice they have fewer health problems. For instance, one may notice they are less susceptible to skin irritations. In addition, their body is able to resist small infections such as the common cold.

It Leads to Better Performance

When one starts using the emWave2, they will notice improved performance at the workplace. This is because things such as stress are not distracting the mind. One will notice that the level of innovativeness goes up a notch. In addition, the ability to find solutions to problems becomes much easier. Generally, the output by individuals becomes much higher. This is because the body is better rested in the night and is better prepared to deal with the task ahead. The other reason is that the body is less susceptible to infection. As a result, it has more energy available for carrying out tasks.

It Helps to Combat Stress

Stress is one of the main ailments afflicting people in the modern world. This is in part due to the increasingly demanding nature of the workplace. People realize that they have to deliver high-quality results consistently. This usually places an undue amount of stress on the individual. Because of the busy nature of work, they may not be able to take vacations regularly. The emWave2 provides a great workaround to this problem. In less than 20 minutes every day, one can keep stress levels to within manageable levels. As a result, one does not have to take expensive prescription pills.

The unit itself is an awesome, compact device. Users of this device will definitely experience tremendous health benefits. In addition, this device is quite cheap and easy to operate. One does not need any specialized skills to use it. Thanks for reading through my emWave2 review and best of luck with your journey.

Updated: 4/12/2016

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