Using the EmWave2 to Improve Sports Performance


The EmWave2 is a portable biofeedback device created by the Heartmath Institute. Many athletes are using it these days to improve their performance. Using the emWave2 to Improve Sports Performance makes sense once you learn more about it. This is a machine that can make you more alert and provides stress relief while also helping you learn about your body. You’ll be able to monitor your heart rate and learn how to promote coherence using the device.

The unit comes with software that will instruct you on what the EmWave2 is as well as how to use it. There’s nothing on the market like this product. It’s easy to use as well: users just place their thumb on the sensor, then breathe according to the lights. It will then measure your heart rate and the lights will turn to blue and green. If you go into the red zone, it indicates that you are not relaxed and your breathing is erratic. You can also change the settings for display brightness, sound, and the challenge level and track the data using software, allowing you to note improvements and changes in the pattern over time.

This is a sophisticated heart rate monitor that measures changes in the rhythm of your heart. How does it do this? The device uses a pulse sensor to collect data about the pulse, creating a heart rate variability analysis that measures the interaction between the heart, brain, and autonomic nervous system, which all react to changes in emotion. It then puts that information into a graphic display on a computer.

Technology is advancing to the point where products are now being put out that use science to improve quality of life. The EmWave2 works by reflecting the physiological effect of certain emotions on the body. When a person experiences strong negative emotions such as stress, anger, or anxiety, the heart, brain, and nervous system all react. You may notice your heart rhythm becoming incoherent and inconsistent. Simply put, your body responds positively or negatively according to your thoughts and feelings.

Coherence is the ideal state for your brain, heart, and nervous system as it allows them to function at their highest level and be even, steady, and healthy. A positive emotional attitude sends corresponding signals to the brain which reduces reactions under stress and has a range of other benefits; an improved sense of well being, better hormone balance, a positive immune response and better cognitive function, all of which are necessary for athletes to harness if they want to be at the top of their game. A depressed immune system and inflammation ultimately leads to getting sick and even a greater likelihood of injury.

Emotional stress and negative thoughts and feelings are common for athletes, who often get emotionally invested in their training and game play. However, if you can learn to stay positive and see how negativity can affect you physiologically, you can start to detach your emotions from what you do and improve your performance. Mental function and emotional mastery are as valuable to an athlete as practice is. Use the EmWave2 to improve your performance and be a healthier person in general; check it out today!


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